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Before You Shoot

You can't just walk around wherever you like, shooting whatever you like. There are rules, son. And you must obey them. Okay, we exaggerate... slightly.

You Need the Password

Penn State has an open campus, and we love to roll out the welcome mat. But that doesn't quite mean that we have an open door policy — filming in classrooms and dormitories requires permission in advance (especially because we prefer that our students appearing on cellulose ... or in digitized form ... are complying with our student code of conduct). And recording student-athletes is a bit more complicated due to NCAA and Penn State athletic regulations. So check with us first and no one gets harmed, see?

North by Northeast

Penn State's University Park campus is smack-dab in the center of Pennsylvania. Need a bit more direction? Call us — we can send you campus maps. Or check out our online campus maps. We're more than happy to work with location scouts.

Expert witness? Yeah, we've got those.

Okay, okay, so we have lots of different kinds of faculty experts who can "witness" the authenticity of your shoot, if you'd like to advise you behind the scenes, or to be interviewed onscreen. (Check out a small sampling online.)

The sound and the fury

Since Penn State does have a few classrooms that hold lectures and exams, firing up your bull horn during finals week might require a bit of advance planning on our end. Likewise, if our lawnmowers, air conditioners or other machinery are going to interfere with your audio, we will need to set you up with a member of our Physical Plant staff to accommodate you, or at least be on call. (And because Physical Plant staff is unionized, we will have to pass those staffing costs on to you.) So have your people call our people to collaborate on a sound check.

Midnight madness, anyone?

Planning on a late-night or weekend shoot? Please let us know so we can bring our sleeping bags and camp out with you! ... or at least alert appropriate University staff to allow you access into secure buildings as necessary. (Seriously, we don't take campus security lightly, so we will need to make special arrangements.)

Ah, the elusive parking space ...

On most college campuses people will tell you that it's easier to get a degree than a parking space, and although we wish we could claim exception the lots are still patrolled diligently. (To try to help you secure paid parking passes, we will need to know the location of the shoot, number of vehicles and number of days at the site. If granted, your fee will run in the neighborhood of $10 per vehicle per day.) Larger-scale productions will probably need to have someone from our office notify University Police Services in advance. Yeah, playing by the parking rules -- that's the ticket. (... or the way to avoid getting one.)

Have you had your shots?

No offense, but these days you never can tell. So if your crew is going to mingle with our "crew," we'll probably need to see your proof of liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance.

Release Forms

Please read the following instructions carefully to ensure proper completion of the Individual Release Form.

  1. Individual Release Form must be printed on official Penn State unit or department letterhead.
  2. Penn State personnel must indicate event/project title and description on top portion of Individual Release Form.
  3. Participant must fill in all information on top portion of Individual Release Form.
  4. Participant’s parent or legal guardian must complete bottom portion of Individual Release Form if participant is less than 18 years of age.
  5. Completed Individual Release Forms must be kept on file in Penn State unit or department.

Individual Release Form

Sign me up

Request our standard location release and/or contract, depending on your needs, then give us your autograph and submit it to our office. Three, two, one, done. When you get our signature back atcha, you're in business.

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Takin' care of business

Any questions? Email See, that didn't hurt much. Now get busy, Hitchcock.